Showcase Video Poetry

Why We Sing

We sing because we have a song
at the core
of our being
in the center
of our heart
within the truth
of our purpose.

We sing because we have a voice.
We are born
to create
we are here
to connect
we are given
what we must give.

We sing because we are present.
We have a life
that is worth touching
we see dreams
dance in the darkness
we know joy
is in this moment.

~ Melissa Mulligan
March 14, 2013

Yesterday and today I had my private review of the Winter Showcase videos… I had to sit in silence and just take it all in!  The transformation that I get to witness within each of you is an honor that kind of knocks me sideways.

I remember the show in beautiful fragments, like pieces of stained glass removed from a frame. 

When you watch your performance, will it be as you remember it?  Were you able to be present – to feel truly alive – or did some doubts mingle in your brain, keeping you a bit distant from the experience?   When you see it now, can you feel the why in the center of your choice to sing?

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. ~ Maya Angelou


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