I’ve spent the last two weeks looking for a new space for my vocal studio.  It’s occupied my thoughts, my dreams, and my conversations.  I signed the lease yesterday and would love to take some deep breaths, celebrate, relax: I did it!  It’s perfect!  I love it!


But we move very soon and now there is so much to do.

Figure out the stages of the move (borrow truck?)
Get boxes
Paint and clean (sub list for this includes supplies, checking out paint colors, prepping walls – ooh, I need sand paper)…
Get internet
Get signs made
Remove desks?
Buy additional supplies, furniture (and move those in)
Announce date of reopening
Schedule open house?
Ask about new A/C
Design the space – set up, electronics, desks

Have you ever noticed how much time it takes to think about things?  When I have something to figure out I feel like I don’t have a second to spare.  Days go by, texts start to go unanswered.  Friends wonder where the heck I’ve been.  I’m so unaware of what’s happening in my down time that I’m not sure how many minutes or hours I spend staring into space or doing the dishes or walking the neighborhood or researching the topic at hand.  I’m decidedly not present.  I’m not here now.

Today I am setting my intention to spend the next two weeks absorbing each moment, whether it’s little or stressful or hilarious (or all of the above)!

I am beyond grateful for the chance to share this adventure with you.

You, who will show up in so many beautiful ways with positive energy, smiles, laughter… and hopefully a paint brush.


PS: Our new location is 53 Unquowa Place (3rd floor), Fairfield, CT.  We move on or around May 1st.   It’s a beautiful two room loft in the center of town between the Post Rd. and the train station. More announcements coming soon!


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