Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Night Before the Tattoo (Dear Naked Forearm)

I have been doing a lot of thinking about permanent change.  It happens.  You break a bone and it never quite heals the same way.  Or your heart gets broken and you never quite heal the same way.

Permanent change isn’t always bad.  For example, I hear potty training your children is a positive.  And yet, I hear that they are growing up too fast.  🙂
Life can not be undone.
Tomorrow I am getting a tattoo on my forearm.  I’ve wanted this for years, but I have been afraid of the permanence of change.

I want this.

I can’t not do it.
But I am experiencing some anxiety right now over this change to my blank forearm that will never be the same.
And this is why change is hard.  This is why going after the things we want can feel impossible even when we want them oh so badly.
We often have to let something go to grab hold of what we want.
We are not meant to live as blank canvases of unreached potential, or blank notebooks of untold stories. 

We live our lives in permanent ink, every brush stroke adding to our story.
I want to be brave enough to show that ink.