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Crazy. With Gratitude. And I’m Hungry.

When I’m this busy I must eat.  And be grateful.

I sent this text to a musician friend last night:

“Let’s enjoy this adventure.  It’s a great one.  It’s kind of crazy, definitely not normal and not straightforward.  It’s not typical or secure.  But it’s fun.  And it’s magical.  And that suits you.”

I am learning, over and over again, that it suits me too.

Photo on 2012-10-16 at 12.36Look, I am aware that I am crazy.  When I tell people my schedule for this month most of them rub their temples in confusion.  My Mom still worries I’m going to get sick.  My best friends have learned to just send me texts that say “BREATHE.”  I’m not home much.  I work until my eyes are crossed and I have hunger pains every day.  I’m with my students and clients on afternoons, nights and weekends and do “businessy” computer work on the mornings and Sundays.

And here is what I want you to know about me: I like myself this way, and I like my life this way.    My creativity is always on overdrive.  My mind runs a mile a minute, and my heart dances to that rhythm, perfectly aligned.  I am surrounded by people and we are doing amazing things not just as musicians, but as people.

Last night my vocal studio announced the nominees for our Artist of the Year award.  In their videos all three of them were asked a variety of questions, including “What have you learned at MMVS?”  Sam jokingly added “Do what Melissa tells you” to his answer, but I know that this means he trusts me.  It reminds me of when I met him five years ago and he was too shy to talk to me during our sessions for about a year. Sarah talks about how she has learned she can be fearless. I used to see such doubt in her eyes during lessons, and now I see fierce joy.  Danny talks about what it took for him to stop comparing himself to others and be comfortable being Danny.  Watching him own his value as an artist brings tears to my eyes.

What you may not know about me is that I am learning these lessons, too.  I am learning to trust that my business is here, and it’s growing, and it’s meant to be a great thing for all involved.  I am learning that I can be fearless; I can take a leap of faith, rent this new space and fill it with new students who work with Nicole, Chelsea and Skippy when I’m not here.  I also am learning to be comfortable being “Mel” (or “Melskers” or “Melskis” or “Melfred” or…);  being this crazy woman with a whacky life who gets teary once a day for joy and at least once a week out of fear, fatigue or hunger.

I encourage you to meet and congratulate our three Artist of the Year Nominees:


Sam http:


Part of my journey in 2013 included connecting with an amazing online circle of fiercely talented (and supportive, like whoa) women through my life coach (yes, I have a life coach) Hannah Marcotti.  She just announced a new program for 2014.  I recommend it for all women looking to love this life now.  xoxo