Blending #AllTheThings

What if this is the year of blending?

My beautiful friend Hannah Marrcotti‘s birthday is one week ahead of mine and I love watching her make her birthday wish. It usually takes her about… oh… twenty minutes. The candle wax runs on the cake. Our phones run out of battery. We are crying with laughter (and possibly hunger).

She begins her wish-making process locked in gratitude. And this year, as she was processing all the things (#allthethings) our gorgeous Ruth Clark said What if this is the year of blending? And lightbulbs went off in all of our heads.

It felt like the idea heard around the world: Yes, we are all the things we are at once.

For me, it means that I am a woman who does a few different things. I run my vocal coaching and artist development business, MMVS. I write this blog about my life and dreams and heart’s deepest desires. I share other people’s heart songs & stories.

But maybe I don’t have two blogs, two web sites, and four Facebook groups.

What if this is the year of blending?

What if I invite you, in 2016, to receive one newsletter from me that will include some songs, some stories and some news about my beautiful clients and artists?

The blog will be here. And if you are receiving this in your inbox, you are subscribed to the new blended newsletter as well. As always, you may unsubscribe at any time. If you have joined us through our Heart Songs & Stories program, I will still run that from time to time, and I will do it… right here.

Because this is the year of blending all the things.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Here is a little holiday heart song just for you.




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