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Ode to a Laughing Fit


It rolls like waves then explodes like a clap of thunder.  My uncontrollable “HAAAAHAAAHAAA”  that sounds like a seal’s bark to you.  So you clap your hands like fins and I am completely undone.

Now we are engaged in that silent earthquake laughter, eyes shut, lungs desperate for air, gasping “I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.”

You need water but you can’t walk.

You rest your head on the wall, clutch your stomach and try to say “Make it s-s-s-stop.”

I imitate you.  We’ve gone mad.

You try again but your voice cracks.  I make a goose honking sound.  Someone snorts.

Cracking open in hilarious pain.

The world is still.  I am present with my seemingly elusive breath.

This, the most obnoxious form of meditation, is my favorite.