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No More Bullshit: Manifesting Truth

If you ask me about your career in the music business, and I give you a linear answer that sounds reasonable and reliable, I am bullshitting you.

I’m not doing it to be a jerk or to blow you off.

I’m actually trying to meet you where you are and connect with you, at least a little, before telling you the truth.

Or… nah… that’s bullshit too.

I’m basically trying to hide a little bit of myself from you.

The truth is that I do have answers, but I’m afraid if I tell you the truth you will back away, smiling and nodding at the crazy person who sees your life (or worse, the life of your kids) as some kind of magic trick you can’t control. Worse yet, you might tell everyone not to work with the unicorn lady who doesn’t think college is the right path for everyone, who calls collages “vision boards” and tells her clients that “how” is not their job.


Tonight is the eve before I enter another Magic Making Business Circle, hosted by my dear friend and guide Hannah Marcotti. The work inside of these online courses (and the communities that gather within) spark my greatest ideas both for my business and my life. I have done so many “Hannah Courses” (and IMG_0767talk with Hannah so often) that I am often a day or two ahead of her prompts. I get into the flow and know not to hold myself back from whatever unfolds.

Today I did a lengthy interview about MMVS, my vocal coaching & artist development business, and found myself telling a remarkable story. It’s my story, of course. It’s about so much more than creating the business of my dreams. It’s about a girl who loved to sing, a girl who wasn’t told “you can’t” all that often but still felt that way anyway. It’s about a young woman desperate to be responsible and independent while staying connected to her greatest passion in life.

Like so many stories, it’s about growing up, finding myself, and learning to love my life.

Telling that story today made it all so real.

I have becoming who I was becoming. And now that I have realized this iteration of myself I am free to dream again… who will I become next? It is inside of this question that I will connect with new desires, I will create new visions, and I will catch glimpses of what is next for my business.

This is the language I like to use to describe life, goals, dreams and plans.

So the next time we talk business, be ready to hear crazy talk about manifesting gifts for your next iteration.


For those who want more ~ Information on Hannah & her Magic Making Business Circle (it starts tomorrow, registration is still open) can be found here: